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Sugarcane Juicer


Sugarcane Juicer

$3,900.00 USD
When someone is looking for a Sugarcane Juicer Machine, the most important decision is to find a manufacturer who does not only produce the machines but has also spent considerable time to research and practically refine the product. Over the years this is what Popular Steel Industries has exactly done & come up with a Sugarcane Juice Extractor Machine which takes into account all the practical needs of anyone planning to install a Sugarcane Juice Machine. 

If you want to buy a Sugarcane Machine for commercial usage, below are some main points which you would have in your mind. After thoroughly researching the market & minutely studying what the people expected from a good Sugarcane Machine, we came up with our very practical product which meets almost every single need of the buyers. 

Food Grade Stainless Steel used:

This is what makes this machine a favorite with everyone who wants to use a sugarcane machine for commercial purposes. Even the rollers used are food grade stainless steel, whereas other machine manufacturers settle for plastic rollers. Rust free & durable, the product works without much maintenance or upkeep. So, as a businessman you keep making profit and do not have to keep doling out for overheads. 

Untouched by Hand:

Fresh, Pure & Hygienic Juice onetime, everytime. Only need to insert the sugarcane, rest all is done automatically. With people getting very particular about hygiene, this is one single factor which guarantees better sales. 

Extraction in front of the Customers:

The machine is pretty compact and can be placed right in front of the customers. The customers always prefer to see the whole process in front of them which kind of builds in confidence and ofcourse improves sales. 

Fully Automatic:

Once the sugarcane is inserted, quality juice gets extracted automatically without the need to really do any other action. 

Very Low Sound during Running:

The machine runs relatively quietly, so is best suited even for hospitals, schools, religious places etc. 

No Queuing up for Juice:

The machine can process 1kg of sugarcane in as less as 1 minute. So even if there is a rush, you can quickly cater to everyone. Our one variant is even quicker and can process up to 2.5kg in a minute. 

Fully Covered yet Transparent Juicing Chamber:

The machine is almost fully covered, ensuring that no dust, flies etc can cause any bother. This feature is also known to bring in more sales as people see this as a healthy practice. 

No High Power Bills:

The product is very economical, consuming as low as ½ HP (370 Watts). This means you do not end up with a high electricity bills at the end of the month. This point everyone should minutely consider before deciding on a machine. This actually means you earn more rather than spend more. 

Very Safe & Easy to Operate:

The product is all covered, which means least possibility of any mis-happening. Can be run by anyone with very little guidance. So even if your staff keeps changing, you are not really worried about training them. 

Good Looking & Compact:

The graphics and the overall look of the machine are very appealing too. This is proven to attract customers. 

Relatively Low Maintenance Costs:

As compared to the other similar machines in the market, our machine does not require periodical lubrication. This means more savings for you. Only Hi quality Bearing, Engine (Motor) and parts are used which make it highly durable and needing negligible maintenance. 

Extra Powerful:

Direct Geared drive provides extra power for squeezing, the sugarcane therefore never gets jammed. 

Reverse Button:

In case the need arises, there is even a reverse button which can be used to pull back sugarcane. 

Emergency Stop Button:

To add to the safety, an emergency stop button has been provided to ensure swift action whenever required. 

Waste Bin is there:

A built-in waste bin is also provided in select models, which ensures that there is no littering around. 

Cleaning is very Easy:

The machine is designed to ensure that a thorough cleaning can be done without any hassles. And you do not need any cumbersome tools for it. 

Easy to Move Around:

The machine is very sturdy and with small wheels in some select models, it can be moved around with ease if required. 

You can compare the features of our sugarcane machine with any other machine in the market & you will definitely find our product better in all aspects. Ofcourse, if it's only the price that you are looking for then there may be some cheaper options available. However do remember that the cheaper options may look good in short term but they will prove more costly once you start facing problems with them. Overall you will spend more money in their maintenance, losing out on both production & as such the sales. 

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