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Connoisseurs have demonstrated ever-more creative ways of making the martini drier: pouring in the vermouth, then pouring it out again before adding the gin, holding the vermouth bottle next to the glass so a few carefully controlled "fumes" could waft their way into the cocktail. Winston Churchill would pour chilled gin into a chilled glass, and then simply dart a glance at a bottle of vermouth across the room. 
The driest martini requires anywhere from eight to 15 parts gin or vodka to just one part vermouth, depending on the bartender and individual taste. In fact, some New York bartenders keep their vermouth in an atomizer, so they can spray a martini glass with the merest hint of vermouth a silver-finished stainless-steel refillable canister with an ultra-fine atomizer. 
Their secret is a clever invention called the Martini Mister, a silver-finished stainless-steel refillable canister with an ultra-fine atomizer. You can keep one at your home bar, or carry in your pocket or purse. It makes a perfect travel companion and a great conversation piece. Dressed-up in a formal black pouch for elegant gifting.The refillable atomizer holds 15 m. (0.51 oz.) of vermouth. Use the small funnel to refill. Handy pouch holds both the atomizer and funnel. Atomizer 4-3/4" long, 7/8" dia.

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