Economic Cutlery Dryer

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Hygiene and sterilization of cutlery made easy with the Economic Cutlery Dryer, steel gasket included  for insertion and extraction of the cutlery with hand, natural and sterilized com cob absorbent material, one load of 6 kg. of com cob included, heating element for sterilizing, steel cover, high or low trolley  and other com cob as option, 2 minutes drying cycle, dries Polished Cutlery, anti-dust protection. It allows to dry and polish the cutlery perfectly after washing in the dishwasher. The drying and polishing takes place by manual immersion of the cutlery.

230V ~ 50/60Hz 1330W, overall size cm. 48x38x55, 44 kg. 

Compact and ideal for any kitchen restaurant, hotel, pizzeria.