Boston - Shaker Parisienne Slim 2 pieces 750 ml

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The  parisienne  or  parisian shaker  is used all over the world and is a model that many  bartenders  prefer to traditional  shakers  for their professionalism and elegance. 

Composed of two pieces, the  parisienne  differs in form and function from the  boston  and  cobbler . Very large and filter-free like the  Boston shaker , this type of  shaker  allows you to build one or more cocktails directly inside it.

Before the construction of the drink the container, or lower part of the  parisienne shaker , should be filled with ice to allow it to cool; the upper part must be positioned, upside down, above the ice so that there is perfect cooling of both components of the  shaker . In this way, the  parisian shaker will  isolate the liquid from the ice and allow for a slower execution of the cocktail making, bringing the spilled liquids inside at lower temperatures.

It is also particularly suitable for the throwing / rolling technique  , which consists in passing  the liquid to be mixed and refrigerated from one part of the shaker to the other  , thanks to the help of a  strainer  to hold the ice in the deepest container drink passage.