Bar Mat with Stainless Steel Trim 608mm x 100mm

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Are you fed up with buying new bar mats? Bar mats have of course become a mainstay on the front bar of many drinking establishments up and down the UK and around the world. A great way of keeping the front bar clean from those little spillages and overflows, the bar mats are a modern and effective replacement for the pub drip tray – conversely made from metal as opposed to rubber.

Although many pubs and drinking establishments will still opt for drip trays as they have their own character and design set, rubber bar mats now wear the crown for the most used front bar spare liquid collector.

This we would argue is more down to the styling of many bars today, where the minimal, all black rubber bar mats fit in nicely with all manners of modern decor – it could also be down to cost with the bar mats costing half the drip trays in some cases. Furthermore, if you purchase Beaumont bar mats you will know they will last almost as long as your metal drip trays too.

This mat with the SS trim makes sure your mat stays where it is supposed to be. Easy to clean and reposition.