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AMARENA (F/NL-B/GB/DK/AR/I) - jars 400g

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Amarena cherries have long been adored by Italians and foodies everywhere for their intense cherry flavor, sweetness and versatility. The word amarena refers to a specific variety of dark wild cherry from the Bologna and Modena regions of Italy. The name of the variety is derived from the Italian word for bitter, amara, and although these cherries are slightly bitter when compared to other varieties, they are most frequently sold preserved in a sweet, luxurious syrup that completely rids the cherries of any hint of bitterness. The cherries often come in beautiful little reusable amphorette bottles, an artful display for a delicious gourmet treat.

The versatility of amarena cherries is second to none, making a welcomed replacement for those old jars of maraschino cherries found in pantries everywhere. When compared to American maraschino cherries there really is no contest, amarena cherries win hands down for every single application. They add a touch of fruity sweetness to anything you might use maraschino cherries for, and more. Most frequently used in ice cream and atop other desserts like pastries, cakes and cookies, they can also be used to bake with and are especially good in tarts, pies and cupcakes. Not only that, they make an even better substitute in cocktails, adding a lovely flavor to alcoholic drinks. The syrup that amarena cherries are preserved in is incredibly delicious, imparting an aromatic, cherry infused essence when poured into drinks or on desserts and ice cream. In addition to their superior flavor, amarena cherries are full of nutritional benefits. They are high in antioxidants, vitamin c, potassium, magnesium and iron, as well as free of fat and sodium.

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