Open Wine Cooler 6 Bottles

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It's time to get that perfect makeover for your Modern bar. The Open Wine Bottle Cooler, is the best solution for cooling your tipple. Wine tastes better when served chilled, temperature adjustable, spacious, fits in any space, available in multiple bottle variants. For proper temperature of your Red or White Wine, leave the hassle to these perfect beauties.

Wine cooler for about bar or counter, specially designed to keep wine bottles tempered. Designed for 6 bottles with a temperature range between 5° and 18° C, cold light inside. Its dynamic design allows easy handling. Keep the Wine at right temperatures and at your fingertips. Ideal for busy bar, restaurant, pub, home etc.

Capacity: 6 bottles Volume:  28 liters Temperatures: 5°-10° C and 10°-18°  C