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The Vinum Conservator ™ VC-R1 is an exquisitely engineered machine used to preserve opened wine bottles for more than 2 weeks without degrading the quality of the wine.

Restaurants who take their wine seriously no longer need to lose profits in order to cater to their customers.

The VC-R1 is, stand alone, counter top, easy to use machine.

The VC-R1 is shipped complete with the power cord, a bag of 20 burgundy stoppers and a bag of 20 yellow stoppers.

The Vinum ConservatorTM Model VC-R1 is a self contained, very easy to use wine
preservation system. It is an exquisitely engineered instrument which, when properly
operated, will give years of flawless performance.


Power requirement: 60 Hz

Max. operating current: 0.7 Amp

Standby (idle) current: less than 0.1 Amp

Operating environment: temperature: 40F to 120F
humidity: 95% max
altitude: no limit

Safety: automatic shutdown after about 60 seconds if preset
vacuum level has not been reached due to leaks or
improper seating of vacuum adapter on the stopper.