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Measures & Pourers

The key to working your bar right is to serve the right measures and use reliable calibrated tested accessories to measure out the recipes. For this purpose and full range of small tools have evolved over time . 

Not only do they do the most important cost control task in the bar but are increasingly being used as an eye-catching tool to increase sales at the counter.

Measured pourers also known as shot pourers are the standard even though the British bar optics have started adorning the back bars of outlets from Dubai to Manhattan.

Professional bartenders prefer using the free pourers which add a zing to their drink display and use jiggers to measure out . Jiggers come in various shapes and material though it is very important to see that they are not corrosive . Preferable to use the 304 stainless steel measures. 

One important aspect of any outlet is to decide on the pour size of a drink . Usually, it is either 25ml or 30 ml (an ounce) . However, other sizes as 45ml or 42.5 ml are also found  based on the history of the bar.

It is mandatory in certain countries to use the government certified stamped measures and you need to be aware of any such regulation concerning the serving of liquor in your sate or country .



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