Hand Crank Ice Shaver for Block Ice

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Product Details: Manual Gear Drive
Roughness adjustment: stepless
Ice cutting capacity: 0.8 standard (kg / min)
Disk effective diameter: 216 mm
Dimensions Width: 360 × depth 360 × height 680 mm


Block ice only model With commercially available block ice (about 15 cm square), you can make shaved ice.
Popular large-format manual type of retro feel.
Stability feeling equivalent to electric machinery cutting ability.
Gear driven drive with good rotation efficiency, safe design with few failures.
Robust, strong, trouble-free long-lasting.
The board uses corrosion-resistant aluminum, it is strong against rust and hygienic.
Cutler is special stainless steel, strong against rust, hygienic and safe.

Delivery Time: 8 to 10 weeks