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The Importance of Bar Glass Washers

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Whether you’re going to a beach bar, a dive bar, or some fancy place up on 5th Avenue, you have to have glassware.  There’s a little variation from bar to bar, but each drink has a standard ‘look’ which includes both the ice and the glass.  This means that your friendly, neighborhood beach barkeeps are constantly getting their hands wet with washing dishes.  Some are lucky and have barbacks helping them out, but many have to contend with the late night lipstick rendezvous and the dregs.

When they’re in a rush, how do bartenders keep the glasses (and therefore the drinks) flowing?  Electric glass washing machines tend to make glasses hot and take up a lot of space. No one wants a cold drink in a hot glass. Hand washing is an option, but getting down to the bottom of a tall glass is tricky. Who wants to drink the sticky remains of someone else’s drink? Yuck.

However, some smart people decided to try a new method. Enter upright electric glass washers. They look like five brushes hooked up to an outboard motor. The unit stays inside the wash side of the sink. When a drink is done, it’s popped onto the center brush and spun for a few seconds. The four outer brushes clean the outside and the center gets the gunk at the bottom of the glass. A dip in the rinse water and the glass is ready to go for another patron.

Having clean glasses is not just for the patrons, though.  By using electric glass washers, the bartenders are earning favor with the bar owners by making them some cold, hard cash.  Dirty glasses make very little head, making the bartender have to pour more beer.  Great for us, but bad for the bar.  And well, dirty beer glasses.  Bleh.

The next time you’re at a beach bar, take a look at the glassware the bartender is slinging around. If you can, take a peek down at their sink and you might catch them using an upright electric glass washer. They’re pretty neat to watch, especially with a good buzz.

Mark, a food and cooking enthusiast is from , where he gets a chance to see how restaurant industry is evolving with new equipment getting better, greener and more efficient. Nick also writes for the company’s blog where he shares his knowledge and trends.

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