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Drinking Nonsense

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The Nonsense About Drinking

We drink when we are happy .We drink when we are sad . We drink when we are bored and we also drink to give company. It does not do anyone harm (except possibly you, if intake is large) unless you are drunk.

It's been there for centuries. With kings, emperors and even religious leaders making it a part of their sacred ritual or event. Again some religions prohibit it and some consider it sacred. What is in a drink? Why do we have teetotalers and at the other end, drunkards.

Talking about the drinking styles. It ranges from people having a quick drink in the bathroom, under the table to the conveniently ignorant drinking and swaggering down a busy street. Drinking from bottles, glasses, bowls, yards, tankards, and pipes. Name it and there is drink to drink it from.

And what you drink it with? The mixers? The choice here is endless and is not always guided by truly authentic recipes. Have you not seen people hiding their drink behind a cola? Or lemonade? And again, you have crushed fruits, battered ice, sliced lychees to make your beverage give you the kick and aesthetic appeal that alcohol by itself lacks. Coming to this aid are exotic fruit syrups from 1883 Routin, which give you all the possible colours and flavours to play with.

Drink or not, but you cannot avoid bumping into it. From your street corner restaurant to the art show you get offered. Coming to think of it offering a drink is as casual as saying hello. Of course it varies from cultures and countries around the world with offerings ranging from the Cuba Libre in the Caribbean to the queen of bubblies, Champagne, in France.

To drink or not to drink is questionable, which at times is taken for us by the man in the white coat. Your liver wants to keep pace and starts growing, or you kidney got tired of working more than the other parts of the body and goes on strike and of course the later stages of mindlessness when you know not who drank the bottle in front of you. Then you know you had enough - to keep you in high spirits for the rest of your life. It is for you to discover the truth (like so many other truths to discover in life) why you drink and why you don't.

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